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During the month of harvest in Champagne, explore beautiful domains at Dokhan’s!
This year, the harvest brings exceptionally captivating flavours. The capricious weather of recent months (a mild and wet winter, a rather warm and sunny spring, and a lack of warmth and sunshine in August) makes this a decisive period for degustation. Only the most passionate winemakers and those who value a job well done will manage to offer the best Champagnes.

We begin with the house of RL Legras, in the heart of the Côte des Blancs on the terrain of Chouilly. We will be sampling the Grand Cru. The history of this area dates back to the 16th century, when this family’s ancestors were already making wine in the time of Dom Perignon. This is the sixth generation of winemakers, and they continue to utilise traditional values while incorporating modern elements.

Brut Blanc de Blancs is a pure wine, mineral-rich, with nice citrus notes and final tones of yellow fruits.

The rosé is a sumptuous cuvée, sinfully delicious with aromas of raspberry and wood, kirchée notes and a wide and festive mouth-feel.

The Presidence vintage features one single year (2005) and one single grape variety (Chardonnay) that imbue this celebrated vintage with power and finesse, tension and roundness, placing it among the greatest Champagnes.

Another Grand Cru, another style, another village. We've arrived in the small town of Mesnil, in the Domaine Pierre Peters. This is a rare Champagne; only a select few are able to taste these wines because the majority of them are distributed among high-end restaurants across the globe. They result from precise work and soils of special quality found primarily in the villages of Avize, Mesnil and Oger.

The vintage Perle is an assembly of eight years in Blanc de Blancs. It’s a true marvel with notes of white flowers and a very long finish.

The Rosé for Albane is a subtle wine with notes of black fruit, cherry and underbrush.

And of course prepare yourself for the vintage Les Chétillons, which is very hard to come across, as only a few bottles will be featured in the 2007 vintage. This is not to be missed!

Here we are at the Côte des Blancs, south-east of the Montagne de Reims, in the village of Ambonnay at Eric Rodez. We had the opportunity and pleasure of visiting Rodez and his vineyards during our last visit to Champagne this summer. His credo: "play with the partitions that you receive from nature." Very pure and mineral-rich vines with very few clusters create a maximum concentration of aromas style. Everything is neat and every detail is perfected in this quintessential Champagne.

The cuvée Crayère, a brut without a year, is stunning. There are 4 to 5 different vintages in this assembly, with a majority of Pinot Noir topped with Chardonnay. It's bright, pure and mineral.

The Blanc de Noirs, also an assembly of 5 vintages, is a powerful wine with a lot of different flavours, including notes of almond and toast.

The 2005 vintage embodies a single year, a lot of factors, careful finesse and exceptional duration. You can’t wait to taste this wine!

Also, remember that this month on Thursday, 18 Sept, beginning at 19:30, you’re invited to a live jazz evening with RP Quartet. Enjoy a great atmosphere in authentic “manouche” style!

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