Let’s take responsibility

Taking responsibility for the environment and local community has been an important part of the broader commitment of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group to sustainable development for many years. In 2001, this commitment was fortified and placed within the scope of a programme called Responsible Business (RB). Each hotel has a unique RB Action Plan covering areas such as community outreach, cultural heritage, employee and children’s rights, health and safety, and environmental improvements.


The hotels are engaged with both local charity groups and the corporate international charity organisation supported by the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, the World Childhood Foundation. The mission of the Childhood is to defend the rights of the child and promote better living conditions for vulnerable and exploited children all over the world.

RB activities and achievements of this hotel include:



  • Most hotel areas use energy-saving bulbs or LEDs, as well as dimmer systems.
  • The entire building, including guest corridors and public toilets, has motion sensors controlled with timers and BMS.
  • The hotel aims to participate annually in Go Green Earth Hour.
  • The hotel aims to plant 100 mangrove trees every year in the Abu Dhabi archipelago.
  • The hotel promotes a large area of landscaping to support the environment, and drip irrigation is used to water the plants.
  • Waste is collected through a central recycling system (ENVAC).
  • Water is treated at a local island-wide treatment plant and recycled, and LTS is used for irrigation.

Social and community:

  • Hotel staff supports blood donation and breast cancer awareness campaigns.
  • Kids from special needs schools are invited to the hotel.
  • The hotel takes part in an annual drive to collect boxes of much-needed items for labourers at camps across Abu Dhabi.

Health, safety and security:

  • The hotel implements Fire Life Safety (FLS) training and other measures as per regulation.
  • The hotel is working toward Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification.
  • The hotel promotes annual staff medical check-ups.

Staff involvement:

  • All hotel staff undergoes Living Responsible Business training.
  • First aid training is provided to nominated individuals from each department.
  • Staff receives mandatory FLS training.

How can guests participate in the hotel’s RB activities?

  • Donate blood.
  • Participate in hotel fundraisers.
  • Replace used towels on the rack to save water from unneeded laundering.
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