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Central Dates Market

Al Medinah is known as the radiant city and a trip to the important location shows just how apt the name is. The city radiates a powerful allure, encapsulating the best that modernity has to offer but also showing tantalising glimpses of the Arabian past. One of the most powerful of these can be found at the Central Date Market.

This market at the centre of Al Medinah has been selling delicious dates to locals and travellers alike since time immemorial. It is a place to indulge the senses – and just a short trip away from the comfort and style of the Al Muna Kareem Radisson Blu Hotel, Al Madinah.

A feast for the senses
With around 150 varieties available at the Central Date Market the choice at the market could seem daunting. However, visitors can be assured that all the dates there are delicious and of the highest quality, from the cheapest varieties all the way to the most expensive dates in the world – the Anbara date.

The sights, sounds, smells and, of course, tastes available at the market are wonderfully evocative. Although the fruit being bought and sold is the star of the Central Date Market, the experience of visiting the vibrant area brings its own rewards. Locals flock to the market to pick up their shopping, revealing a vibrant energy and rhythm which has energised Al Medinah for centuries.

A true taste of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is the second largest producer of dates in the world and of the many locations in the Kingdom which produce the delicious fruit, Al Medinah has a special reputation. The city is certainly proud of the dates which are bought and sold there – the Central Date Market sits at the very heart of the city.

Guests enjoying the classy, comfortable Al Muna Kareem Radisson Blu Hotel, Al Madinah will find sights like the Central Date Market and Old Bazaar are just a short distance away. These attractions give visitors a flavour of Saudi Arabia which will last long in the memory.

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