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Madain Saleh

The Madain Saleh is an important pre-Islamic archaeological site and UNESCO has listed it as a world heritage site in recognition of its historical significance.

The Madain Saleh (also known as Al-Hijr ) can be found in the Al-Ula area in Al Madinah. Visitors will be wowed by the elaborate stone temples carved by the Nabataeans (the same people who created the city of Petra in Jordon).

Madinah’s hidden gem
Visitors to Saudi Arabia looking to visit Madain Saleh should plan ahead and get a permit from the Saudi Commission of Tourism and Antiquities which can be found in the Diplomatic Quarter. Alternatively, any good hotel in Madinah will offer to do this for them. The friendly hotel staff at the Al Muna Kareem Radisson Blu Hotel in Al Madinah can arrange a permit for guests and advise them on what to see, so they can focus entirely on enjoying themselves.

Focal points at Madain Saleh include the highly decorated tombs (there are 11 in total) and intricately designed water wells — evidence of the Nabataeans' architectural and hydraulic sophistication. There are also two museums here to give visitors background information to help them appreciate the historical context of the area.

Excursion to Madain Saleh complete, visitors looking to experience a tradition which has been practiced for generations should head to Madinah’s Old Bazaar to pick up some souvenirs, exotic spices and locally made jewellery.

Madinah’s best restaurant
Back at their hotel, guests of the Al Muna Kareem Radisson Blu Hotel in Al Madinah will have one of Madinah’s finest restaurants on their doorstep. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast to set them up for the day, a buffet lunch to please everyone or a sumptuous dinner made with fresh, local ingredients, the kitchen here always pleases guests.

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