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Madinah Media Museum

The Madinah Media Museum houses an impressive collection of historical Islamic artefacts which help visitors appreciate how the city’s rich history and culture has evolved over the years.

Visitors can imagine life in the time of Prophet Muhammad by having a glimpse at a visual layout of what his home would have looked like and get a feel for life in old Madinah. There is an array of ancient textiles, pottery and manuscripts which help visitors piece together Madinah’s (and the Arab world’s) story.

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A glimpse into Madinah’s past
The Madinah Media Museum illustrates the role Madinah has played in Islamic history. Madinah is where the prophet Muhammad spent his final days and was eventually buried. For years, it acted as the nucleus of power in the Islamic world.

Once visitors have swotted up on Madinah’s history, they may wish to move on to the Prophet’s Mosque and the Madain Saleh tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Staying at the Al Muna Kareem Radisson Blu Hotel in Madinah
Found in the centre of the Holy City, the Al Muna Kareem Radisson Blu Hotel in Madinah is the perfect base for visitors to explore the nearby sites.

Not only are the hotel rooms tastefully decorated with all the amenities guests would expect from an upmarket five star hotel, but the views from its rooms over the city are unrivalled.

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