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100 Years in Style

Hotel celebrates remarkable anniversary
This year, the hotel celebrates the 100th anniversary of its existence. The hotel, formerly known as Britannia and Hotel Béke, surprises its guests with numerous offers and culinary news, historical exhibition and guided walks in the building.

The hotel opened its gates as Britannia on the10th May 1913. Its founder, Henrik Fábri had a big dream, because he established the most up-to-date hotel of its age, a few blocks away from the Western Railway Station. The hotel became soon a huge success among the travellers, and from the 1930s, one of the centres of Pest’s cultural life as well. Szondi beer- and wine house was established in this decade, the Cupola hall, the Yellow room, which hosted the Nyugat barátok köre’s-a writing community’s- meetings, and furthermore the first underground hotel garage. After the world war, the hotel reopened as Béke Hotel, which means “peace” in Hungarian. The old fame continuously attracted the guests; the Cupola hall became the stronghold of the capital’s nightlife, where such artists entertained the guests, like György Korda, Péter Máté, Hanna Honthy, Kamill Feleky, or Géza Hofi. Due to the decadency of the hotel’s conditions, the owner decided to completely reconstruct it in the beginning of the 1980’s, thus in 1985, a new, but- as a result of the old artistic value’s salvage- a classical style building welcomed the travellers. In 1988, it became the first European member of the American Radisson Chain, and since 2009, its official name is Radisson Blu Béke Hotel.

For the momentous anniversary, the hotel prepared with numerous events, the celebration is not for only one day. The series of programs started earlier, within the framework of “Budapest100” program, more than a thousand people had the opportunity to get to know the building’s history. Radisson Blu Béke Hotel, linked with the 200 years old City Park, so together with many Budapest residents, they planted pansies in the park, which resulted a new Guinness record. Széchenyi Bath also celebrates its 100th birthday this year, therefore a common package was created for the visitors, and the hotel even connected with numerous theatres, that is how the Theatre package was created. In the autumn, the successful “Béke-beli beszélgetések” series continues, where famous people who were closely linked to the hotel tell about their experiences. Due to the huge success, the hotel opens its gates to the interested visitors monthly and after a previous registration, they could get insight to the hotel’s life, over and above get to know JenÅ‘ Haranghy’s pictorial works.

The cabala in the hall could prepare for a great success again, because anyone can upload his/her picture with Mr. Foster to the hotel’s Facebook site, and we are raffling a two-day long-stay voucher between them. The success of the iconic Mr. Foster’s figure will probably be overshadowed by the birthday cake’s success, which is a special apple cake with milk chocolate mousse, and, as we got used to it from György Bechmann pastry chef, the delicious taste experience is guaranteed. The ones who pay attention the their shape will not remain without sweets, because there are six sugar free cakes in Zsolnay Café’s repertoire, which are the first messengers of the already ongoing reformation. From László Héjja chef’s kitchen, under the Brain Food conception, such special foods get to the conferences participants plates, which are focusing on the healthy meals, made by strict principles and amending the conference guests concentration.

A hotel’s success lies in whether it can keep up with the changes or not. The past century is evidence that Radisson Blu Béke stood the test of time and is already planning for the next 100 years.

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