Radisson Blu Hotel, Karlsruhe


LuK Driving Center

Partnership with LuK Driving Center for car launches in Karlsruhe
This hotel is proud to partner with the LuK Driving Center in Baden. In 2009, the hotel worked with the Driving Center on a Karlsruhe TOYOTA Car Launch, hosting hundreds of sales managers from Europe.

Facts about LuK Driving Center:

  • Length of circuit: approximately 2,200 m
  • Track width: 10 - 12 m
  • Number of corners: seven right-hand corners, five left-hand corners, two skid pans (watered)
    The driving sections:
  • Over- and under-steering on watered circular track
  • Braking exercises on dry and wet roads (simulated snow-covered roads)
  • Slalom/braking
  • Optimal cornering
  • Driving on the circuit

For more information, please visit LuK Driving Center.