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Explore Easily from this Business District Hotel in Liuzhou
Centrally located in the heart of the city's business district, this hotel in Liuzhou is located near popular attractions like Confucius Temple and Big Dragon Pool Scenic Spot. If you're travelling with children, Bailian Cave Park offers an amusement park area with rides for children and is located just 18 km from this hotel in Liuzhou.

Nearby attractions:

  • Liujiang River - facing hotel
    Since 2005, the Liuzhou government has invested millions of dollars to improve the water quality and the city’s environment. When night falls, walk along the river or take a boat ride, enjoying a stunning night scene and lively crowd.
  • Liu Zongyuan Park - 1.3 km (10-min drive)
    One of the most famous places in Guangxi, the park was built in the first year of the reign of Xuantong in Qing Dynasty (1909) to commemorate Liu Zongyuan. It’s major attractions include such cultural relics as the Lou chi Pond, Memorial Hall of Liu Zongyuan and the children’s recreation ground. Liu Zongyuan Park is the only national key park in Guangxi.
  • Confucius Temple - 2.7 km (10-min drive)
    Positioned at the Liujiang River and originally built by the Tang Dynasty, the temple is a well-known tourist spot where people can worship Confucius. All Confucius temples are constructed by the river, and the water in front of Confucius temple is called pan pool.
  • Big Dragon Pool Scenic Spot - 6.4 km (18-min drive)
    Situated in southern Liuzhou and three kilometres from the downtown area, this site is a national tourist attraction that draws in visitors to explore the subtropical limestone landscape and the culture of ethnic nationalities in southern China. There are 24 peaks, including the Sleeping Tiger Mountain and the Beautiful Woman, as well as several bodies of water like Jinghu Lake. The two ponds hold a consistent temperature, and in the depth of winter, water vapours rise and curl up with mist.
  • Bailian Cave - 18 km (30-min drive)
    Bailian Cave, a national cultural relic, is a Stone Age cave. Once excavated, the cave was found to hold cultural relics, animal fossils and late Homo sapien fossils. Beijing University believes this cave was used from 36000 B.C. to 7000 B.C., making it an important site of transition from the old Stone Age to the new Stone Age in the south China region.
  • Xiangzhou Hot Spring - 51 km (1.5-hr drive)
    Renowned as First Hot Spring of South-Central, this site has over ten springs scattered around the fields. Hot springs gush out of hundred-metre deep layers of rock, but the water is clear and transparent, containing more than 20 kinds of mineral and microelement substances that aid one’s health.
  • Ronghsui Miao Village - 73 km (2-hr drive)
  • Jinxiu Yao Mountain - 95 km (2-hr drive)
  • Sanjing Dong Village - 124 km (3.5-hr drive)
  • Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge - 136 km (4-hr drive)
    Located in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous Country and built in 1916, the bridge is also known the Yongji and Panlong bridges. Representative of Dong wind-and-rain bridges, it boasts wood columns, tiles and eaves that are resplendent.

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