Radisson Blu Hotel, Paris Boulogne


A.O.C. Restaurant & Terrace

Overlooking beautifully manicured gardens, this brasserie specialises in both contemporary and avant-garde French cuisine. Along with indoor dining, this Boulogne Billancourt restaurant offers outdoor dining on a beautiful, intimate terrace ensconced by a 30-year-old grapevine.

Chef's recommendations at this Boulogne Billancourt restaurant include scallops atop pumpkin soup with ginger, red mullet stuffed with chanterelles, truffle oil and chervil mashed potatoes, orange rosemary emulsion and traditional apple tartes tatin.

Opening hours:
Noon - 14:00 (Mon - Fri)

19:00 - 22:00 (Mon - Fri)

Closed weekends.

To book a table:
E-mail: info.bouloogne@radisson@radissonblu.com