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Anne Semonin Body Therapy Collection

Anne Semonin Made To Measure Massages Collection
A tailor-made full body massage combines classic Anne Semonin techniques with a personally prescribed blend of intensive complexes and warmed botanical oil. After an initial consultation, a therapist will assist in choosing from the following options:

  • Blissful back, neck and shoulder massage - An express massage using warmed aromatic oils focusing purely on the back, neck and shoulders - 30 min - GEL 93
  • Body fitness phyto-aromatic massage - 1 hr - GEL 147, 1.5 hr - GEL 183
  • De-stress phyto-aromatic massage - 1 hr - GEL 135, 1.5 hr - GEL 171
  • Detoxifying anti-cellulite - 1 hr - GEL 142
  • Phyto-aromatic massage - 1 hr - GEL 135

Deep-release Massage With Hot Stones
Heated black basalt stones are used to massage the whole body, releasing deep-seated tension. Ideal for anyone suffering with muscular aches and pains, this treatment is designed to work on the body’s energy channels. This intensive, exceptional treatment is a holistic and energising therapy for the mind, body and spirit.

1 hr - GEL 147
1.5 hr - GEL 183

Advanced Body Massage Therapies

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing method meaning “finger pressure.” The shiatsu practitioner uses palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, elbows and knees to work on the body’s acupuncture points, providing a sense of well-being.

1 hr - GEL 143

Reflexology is the practice of stimulating points on the feet to encourage beneficial effects on other parts of the body or improve general health. Practitioners believe the foot is divided into reflex zones corresponding to the body’s energy zones and that applying pressure to “tight” or “gritty” areas of the foot will stimulate the corresponding energy zone and assist self-healing.

30 min - GEL 80
45 min - GEL 110

Chinese Massage
The Chinese massage aims to restore the yin and yang balance.

1 hr - GEL 143

Indian Head Massage
Based on the ancient Ayurveda healing system, this treatment involves a therapist working the scalp, neck and shoulders.

30 min - GEL 80

Thai Massage
This massage restores energy, tones muscle tissues, boosts blood flow and restores the balance of the nervous system.

1 hr - GEL 148

Shirodhara Massage
This ancient Indian technique focuses on healing the mind and well-being. A continuous flow of warm oil is slowly poured onto the forehead to dispel stress and restore calm.

45 min - GEL 140

Couple Massage
Couples can be pampered completely with this enveloping massage. Two therapists harmoniously synchronise movements to deliver the most sensual treatment imaginable.

1 hr - GEL 253
1.5 hr - GEL 277

De-Stress Massage

1 hr - GEL 135
1.5 hr - GEL 171

Four-hands Deluxe Massage
Two therapists work in synchronised harmony using stretching, rolling and deep massage techniques to release tension from the whole body.

1 hr - GEL 198
1.5 hr - GEL 253

Thalassotherapy Spa Baths
Soak in a superb spa bath for the ultimate stress-relief experience. To personalise the experience further, choose from the following:

  • Detoxifying (45 min - GEL 50)
  • Nourish and restore (45 min - GEL 50)
  • Relax and revive (45 min - GEL 50)
  • Vino-rejuvenation (45 min - GEL 60)

Floatation Experience
Cocooned in a special tank of salt water that represents the Dead Sea, the body is suspended in water, allowing a relaxing sleep. Muscles unwind and the mind clears, with one hour equivalent to eight hours of normal sleep. The experience is ideal for jet lag, insomnia, pregnancy or muscle pain and injuries. (*Float at least three times for the full benefit.)

1 hr - GEL 45
1.5 hr - GEL 70

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