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Aquatic Fitness

Aquatic Fitness
Discover the many benefits of Wiesbaden spring water, exercise at water temperatures around 32°C (90°F) and enjoy the hotel’s time-honoured therapeutic bathing tradition. Aquatic classes provide relaxation and health benefits to people of all ages.

Light exercise in waters from Wiesbaden thermal springs restores inner balance and promotes muscle relaxation. Feel the constant resistance and the healing power of the spring water.

Training focus - Whole-body balance
Maximum number of participants - 6 to 8
Duration - 6 sessions of 45 min
Price - EUR 89 per person

Have a traditional water workout in the pool with smooth swinging and circling motions to increase flexibility and build strength. The class is a low-impact way to tone and build lean muscles.

Training focus - Arms, shoulders, spine, legs and feet
Maximum number of participants - 8 to 10
Duration - 8 sessions of 45 min
Price - EUR 99 per person

Water walking and running exercises focus on both cardiovascular and strength benefits without mobility restrictions and joint stress. Under medium impact, the motions against the constant resistance of the water help improve posture, endurance and physical fitness.

Training focus - Cardiovascular system, lumbar column, hips and knees
Maximum number of participants - 8 to 10
Duration - 10 sessions of 45 min
Price - EUR 129 per person

Warm water swimming
Swim, glide or just do whatever feels comfortable in the warm thermal waters (around 36°C / 96.8°F) of the Kochbrunnenquelle spring. Enjoy the beneficial effects on well-being with all the senses.

Maximum number of participants - No restrictions
Duration - for example, a 3-hr stay at the spa including pool access
Price - from EUR 17 per person
Hours - 09:00 - 22:00 (Wed, excluding public holidays)

Wonderful Water Experience (group class)
Let the warm spring waters of the pool, which are kept at body temperature, create a feeling of oneness with nature, vitality and blissful relaxation. An experienced aquatic therapist supports and guides the experience of weightlessness, freedom, warmth and safety.

Maximum number of participants - 8 to 10
Duration - 8 sessions of 90 min
Price - EUR 198

Wonderful Water Experience (individual session)
Escape the limitations of gravity, feel light and free, and experience primal trust and deep happiness. Become one with the water, feeling comfort and safety under the guidance of an experienced aquatic therapist.

Maximum number of participants - Individual session
Duration - for example, a 30-min therapeutic session
Price - from EUR 49

Contact (including schedules):
Tel: +49 611 155 3850

Please note:
The number of participants in group exercise classes will be limited and requires pre-registration. Registration will be determined on a first come, first serve basis.

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