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Tianjin is a growing metropolis in northern China. Located on the Bohai Sea it has for centuries been a major port city and a gateway to Beijing.

Tianjin is an important ingredient in China’s modernisation plans. It is one of four centrally-controlled municipalities in the country – along with Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing – and one of the five national central cities, which the state is using to reform urbanisation.

Tianjin is the largest coastal city in northern China and the fourth largest city by population in the People’s Republic.

The opening of the Grand Canal, which connects the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers, under the Sui Dynasty (581-618) propelled Tianjin to national importance as a trading centre. Following the Second Opium War, it was opened up to international trade and European powers flocked to the city, opening up concessions and building thousands of villas.

While this foreign presence was not always welcomed in Tianjin, the mark left by Europeans provide the modern city with an exotic flavour.

Several free trade zones have been established in the Tianjin area. The Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) was one of the first and most successful state-sponsored development areas in China.

Tianjin is today a hub of advanced industry and financial activity and is a centre for innovation. Manufacturing is still the largest sector, but biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, electronics manufacturing, food processing, shipping and telecommunications all remain strong industries in the city.

When to go:
Late Spring (April-May) and early autumn (August-October) are the best times to visit Tianjin.

Hotels in Tianjin

  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Tianjin
    Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Tianjin


    Both business and leisure guests will delight in the design and services of this stunning hotel. Tianjin visitors enjoy a city-centre location just five minutes from the Nanjing Road business district and 20 minutes from the airport. Landmark architecture and views, fine on-site dining, and unrivalled leisure and meeting facilities all recommend the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Tianjin.

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