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Take a break from the everyday on picturesque Bornholm! Exuding charm at every turn – from the idyllic town of Rønne to Snogbæk’s sandy beaches and the cosy fishing hamlet of Gudhjem – Bornholm is packed with history and natural beauty. With a beautiful location on the sea just five minutes from Rønne, the luxury Radisson Blu Fredensborg Hotel is a wonderful base for exploring the treasures of this island getaway.

Rønne, the ‘capital’ of Bornholm, became a market town back in 1327, and in the 1300s and 1400s, the city flourished as a result of the lively trade with the German Hanseatic cities. Today, agriculture, fisheries and manufacturing, along with tourism, are the island’s main industries.

As a guest at the Radisson Blu Fredensborg Hotel in Rønne, you have the best possible starting point for enjoyable strolls through the city’s cobbled streets and sidewalks, where you will encounter tile coating typical of Bornholm and quaint half-timbered houses. Visit the quaint Main Guard and Rønne Theatre, Denmark’s oldest existing theatre building, as well as the citadel. In between, you can relax over a drink or a cup of coffee in the Great Square, where tourists and locals meet.

But the town also has a more sinister history. On 7 and 8 May 1945, after the rest of Denmark had been liberated, Rønne and Nexø were bombed by Russian planes without warning and then occupied by Russian troops. The occupation lasted almost a year. The destruction caused by the bombing, however, also resulted in something positive. As a gift from Sweden, Bornholm received 300 prefabricated and furnished wooden houses. 225 houses were built in Rønne and 75 in Nexø, for the resettlement of the many families who had lost their homes. Today the Swedish houses are desirable residences, and a walk through the neighbourhood is both thought-provoking and life affirming. Other bombed houses were rebuilt so that they fit into the existing rows of houses, the so-called bomb houses.

The harbour is the largest on the island. For many years, fishing was Bornholm’s primary industry, and fishermen still unload their catches at the harbour. The ferries to and from Køge, Ystad and Sassnitz arrive here, and in recent years they have been joined by an increasing number of cruise ships.

From Rønne you have every opportunity to explore the rest of the Sunshine Island, by car or bicycle – you can rent bicycles at the hotel – or you can use the excellent bus services to the towns along the coast. Nothing is holding you back, and there is an incredible amount of things to see and experience.

Hotels in Bornholm

  • Radisson Blu Fredensborg Hotel, Bornholm, Rønne
    Radisson Blu Fredensborg Hotel, Bornholm, Rønne


    Nestled on the island of Bornholm, this delightful hotel places visitors on the Baltic Sea coast. Guests can take in the stunning vistas from the comfort of their rooms, which include thoughtful amenities like Free high-speed, wireless Internet and free access to the nearby Diamond Spa. Delectable dining options and flexible meeting facilities are located on site.

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