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The holiday paradise of Silkeborg enjoys a stunning location in Denmark’s largest lake district. Centrally housed in a former paper factory, the Radisson Blu Hotel combines historic architecture with beautiful Scandinavian interiors. Surrounded by forests and lakes, the hotel is a wonderful base for sailing on the world’s oldest coal burning paddle steamer, enjoying the Riverboat Jazz Festival or exploring impressive Silkeborg Art Museum.

Silkeborg offers a unique combination of nature, business and culture. And when you stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel Papirfabrikken in Silkeborg, you are actually staying in the city cradle since the opening of the Paper Factory in 1846 marked the beginning of the city as we know it today. However, its history goes back even further. Close to the Paper Factory is Silkeborg Castle, which dates back to the 1300s, and at Silkeborg Museum, you can see the 2500-year-old Tollund Man, one of the world’s best-preserved prehistoric humans.

Along with the Paper Factory came many other businesses and the city flourished. Enjoy a stroll through the city centre and see the many distinctive buildings designed by architect Anton Rosen, who worked in Silkeborg until his death in 1928.

When the Paper Factory closed down in 2000, the city had grown into a thriving centre of trade and manufacturing with over 40,000 inhabitants. Today, the Paper Factory area has been turned into an active centre for business and culture. You will quickly sense that art and culture play an important role in Silkeborg, especially because of the now world famous painter and artist, Asger Jorn, who grew up in the city.

If you visit the Cultural Centre Silkeborg Bad, you will, in addition to changing exhibitions of contemporary art, find a small permanent exhibition on the history of the place. Silkeborg Bad opened as an exclusive spa facility in 1883, and for many years it was a popular destination for the city’s residents. During World War II, it was taken over by the German Wehrmacht and used as headquarters, and after the war it was used several times as a refugee camp until the municipality bought the buildings in 1992 and turned them into what is now the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.

However, the city’s scenic location in the highland by Gudenåen and the Silkeborg lakes in Denmark’s largest forest area is one of Silkeborg’s major attractions and a daily joy for the city’s residents as well as the many tourists who come to enjoy nature, visit Himmelbjerget, go sailing and enjoy the many opportunities for sport and leisure activities.

Hotels in Silkeborg

  • Radisson Blu Hotel Papirfabrikken, Silkeborg
    Radisson Blu Hotel Papirfabrikken, Silkeborg


    Amid a scenic forest landscape, a refurbished paper mill boasts chic lodging with 100 contemporary rooms and suites. Modern amenities complement the building's historical vibe, and on-site dining at our Michael D's restaurants makes mealtime a pleasure. One of Denmark's foremost conference hotels, the Radisson Blu Hotel offers eight stylish meeting rooms and a gorgeous harborside terrace.

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