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Get away from it all with a relaxing break in stunning Haugesund! Close to the Viking town of Avaldsne and just 4 km from Haugesund, the elegant Radisson Blu Hotel makes a wonderful base for exploring the surrounding countryside with its majestic mountains, picturesque fjords and wide, sandy beaches. Frequent city buses operate outside the hotel, which offers magnificent views of the sea.

Haugesund is the "capital" for 100,000 "Haugalendinger" and is one of Norway's leading commercial cities. The foundations for Haugesund's developing into an important city for herring export, and later as one of Norway's biggest maritime cities, were laid by the affluent herring fisheries located along the Western coast. Haugesund's maritime business continues to be its most prominent and the city is also home to the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

Haugesund offers a wealth of festivals and cultural events throughout the year. The largest and best-known festivals are Sildajazz and the Norwegian Film Festival, where the Amanda prize is awarded. Hotels, cafés, restaurants and pubs line Indre Kai (Inner Quay). Here you can take a stroll and breathe in the fresh sea air, or stop for a cup of coffee or a tasty meal. The island of Røvær has settlements from the Stone Age and is a popular tourist destination. The trip takes only 25 minutes by ferry from Indre Kai. Vibrandsøy, a local outdoor area, is just a stone's throw from Indre Kai and the ferry to Røvær will stop here upon request.

Not far from Haugesund you can drive to Karmøy, Norway's most densely populated island. Karmøy has many surprises in store, as well as exciting, historical places to visit. To the south you will find Skudeneshavn, a vibrant and genuine fishing village from the 1800s. Here you can see the Empire style and experience the charming cultural landscape. To the north lies Visnes, an old and quaint mining town of major historical and international importance. Avaldsnes is thought to be Norway's oldest royal residence. This was the manor owned by Harald Hårfagre's after the battle of Hafrsfjord. Avaldsnes was strategically placed by the long stretch of water, which led to the name of our country - the way towards the north - "the Northway". Olav's church, which founded in 1250 by Håkon Håkonson, is the most important monument from past glories at Karmøy. Real coastal culture, fresh seaspray, sheltered bays, striking landscapes and exciting history is what Karmøy is today.

The Radisson Blu Hotel Haugesund can be found between Haugesund and Karmøy. It is set in the middle of a beautiful garden, not far from central Haugesund and Karmøy airport.

Hotels in Haugesund

  • Radisson Blu Hotel Haugesund
    Radisson Blu Hotel Haugesund


    This Haugesund hotel gives guests the best of both natural wonder and urban excitement, with its location on the coastline within easy access of the city center. Guests can walk to Oasen Shopping Centre and reach the Haugesund Airport, Karmøy via a short drive. Lovely gardens and grounds surround the hotel.

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