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Lillehammer is a skier’s paradise with over 116 km of slopes and 1,500 km of cross country trails! Nestled in a beautiful private park, the luxury Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel makes a wonderful base for a skiing holiday and is just a stone’s throw from Lillehammer’s main street, the Olympic Park and Maihaugen Museum. After an exhilarating day on the slopes, look forward to time out in the hotel’s relaxing fitness and leisure centre!

For many, Lillehammer is synonymous with the 1994 winter Olympics, a fairytale of a sports event. Never before had Norway revealed such a wonderful side of itself. The Olympic Games at Lillehammer demonstrated the essence of Norway and the Lillehammer area: a generous people always cheering on the last man in the race and turning the Games into an unmistakable celebration. But Lillehammer is about so much more. This community in Gudbrandsdalen in Oppland offers year-round experiences and where better to stay, than at the Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel, centrally located just a few minutes' walk from the railway station.

The hotel is nestled in sumptuous surroundings and has a wealth of facilities to offer its guests. Here you can choose between two restaurants and several bars, not to mention two heated swimming pools. Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at mini-golf, or take a trip to the Olympic Park and try some of the activities there? The choices are endless and the Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel is right in the action.

Lillehammer was founded by merchant Ludvig Wiese; there is a statue of him in Lilletorget, erected there to commemorate the city's centenary celebrations. Lillehammer was awarded township in 1827, and city status in 1842.

In recent years, the city has almost gained cult status following the production of the Lilyhammer series by NRK and Netflix, starring Steven van Zandt in the lead role. Van Zandt is known for being a guitarist with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and from The Sopranos television series. The Lilyhammer series is about Frank Tagliano, a former Mafia member from New York, who moves to Lillehammer after having testified against his boss. The transition to unemployed immigrant in Norway is far from easy and Frank resorts to extortion and intimidation to survive in rural Norway. Most of the series is filmed in Lillehammer, so here you can follow Frank's footsteps around the city. You might even spot Frank himself wandering around Storgata!

Hotels in Lillehammer

  • Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel
    Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel


    A short distance from the Lillehammer town center, the Radisson Blu serves as a perfect base for exploring the spectacular beauty of Norway. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy skiing, cycling, hiking and rafting, all within easy distance of the hotel. A total of 303 rooms and suites offers comfort and style after a day of adventure. Surrounded by a beautiful parklike setting, the hotel also boasts a ballroom that accommodates as many as 1,200 guests.

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