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Enjoying a beautiful waterfront location, multicultural Malmö is just 30 minutes from Copenhagen! Hit the shops right outside the elegant Radisson Blu Hotel, Malmö and you’re sure to find a bargain at the countless boutiques and department stores. Just a stone’s throw away you’ll find art galleries, museums and lush parks, not to mention a lively nightlife scene and the train to Copenhagen.

In many ways, Malmö is Sweden’s most forward-looking city. Here is the bridge to the continent and people move here from far and near. The Öresund region is pulsating with life. The proximity to the rest of Europe and the large number of Swedes with a background in other countries are also reflected in the range of restaurants and entertainment on offer. Not long ago, Malmö was heading the same way as many other former industrial cities, but then something happened.

In the late Middle Ages, Malmö was Denmark’s second-largest city after Copenhagen. It was shipping that was the catalyst for growth in the city. Since 1658, Skåne has been part of Sweden and today, Malmö and Copenhagen are linked by the Öresund Bridge. Every day thousands of people commute back and forth over the Sound and the cities work closely together on many issues. The proximity to Scandinavia’s largest airport, Kastrup, also makes the city very interesting for business. The ease with which you can reach the rest of the world is one reason why many choose to live here. Not least musicians and artists. Something which has left and still leaves its impression on the city. Few cities in Scandinavia have such an exciting cultural scene. And Malmö Konsthall is a prime example of this.

Up until the 1990s, Malmö was fast becoming a shabby, old industrial town, but then something happened. Today, it is a real centre of excellence with Malmö University taking the lead - one of Sweden’s finest Institutes of higher education for studies in new media and communication. In Sweden’s third city, you’ll now find modern architecture and plenty of exciting business and cultural projects. Malmö also attracts more new arrivals from other countries than any other Swedish town or city. This gives the city a uniquely cosmopolitan character. Stroll around lively areas with an atmosphere unlike anywhere else in Sweden. Areas characterised by a meeting between the traditionally Swedish and exotic new cultures.

Its proximity to water casts a special Scandinavian light over Malmö. Ever since the days of herring-fishing it is the port that has shaped the city. Västra hamnen, where Kockums once had its shipyard, is now an exciting housing, industrial and educational area. The entire area has been reclaimed from the sea north of the original shoreline. Visit interesting restaurants, bars and clubs. When things happen in Malmö, they happen in Västra Hamnen. Here you’ll also find Malmö University and Turning Torso, two clear symbols of the changes Malmö has undergone in recent years. But the old Malmö is still there in the area around Lilla torg with its small residential houses dating from the end of the 19th century. And at Radisson Blu Hotel Malmö, you’re staying right in the middle of the city. And outside the pulsating city awaits the beautiful county of Skåne. Known as “Sweden’s larder”. A province more associated with agriculture than anywhere else in Sweden.

Hotels in Malmo

  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Malmo
    Radisson Blu Hotel, Malmo


    Close to the Öresund Bridge, which connects Malmö to Denmark, the Radisson Blu Hotel occupies an ideal location and is adjacent to the popular Caroli City shopping center. Expansive floorplans and Free high-speed, wireless Internet make each room and suite an enjoyable home away from home. Guests of this Malmö hotel can take advantage of on-site dining, the fitness center and 25 state-of-art meeting rooms.

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