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Tucked away in the Old Town of Lithuania's capital is the gorgeous Uzupis, an artistic and inspiring neighbourhood ideal for travellers looking for an enriching holiday spot. Uzupis is a small republic within Vilnius and offers a fantastic, bohemian atmosphere as well as a wealth of wonderful sights and sounds.

Uzupis is neighbourhood well loved by local and international artists and is similar to the Montmartre in Paris or Christiania in Copenhagen. Even the name of the area has a poetic undertow, translating as 'on the other side of the river' and referring to the beautiful Vilnia River, which runs through the neighbourhood.

Finding Inspiration in Uzupis
The neighbourhood has long been a natural haunt for artists and musicians, with the first wave of new creative moving to Uzupis in the 1980's. While many changes have come over the neighbourhood between then and now, the republic still retains much of its character and evidence of its artistic leanings are found throughout its small streets and alleys.

From art galleries to artists' workshops, Uzupis is a paradise for those who enjoy seeing the creative process at work. It's also a neighbourhood packed with unusual and interesting cafes and, occasionally unusual but always charming, architecture. Alongside the world famous Gates of Dawn, Uzupis is one of Vilnius' most unique holiday experiences.

Uncovering the Wonders of Uzupis
Discover the sights that ensure Uzupis' designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site by being sure to visit the Bernardine Cemetary, one of the oldest in the city and offering sweeping views of the nearby woods.

The bronze mermaid created by sculptor Romas VilĨiauskas and perched on the bank of the Vilnia is an essential treat for all visitors. Also unmissable is the statue of a trumpeting angel found in the main square. Guests of the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, Vilnius are sure to love exploring this cultural and historic hub within the capital.

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