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Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn Old Town is a fascinating blend of history and modernity where Gothic architecture meets the internet café. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Old Town was built up between the 13th and 16th centuries and is the city's biggest tourist attraction.  

Old Town Tallinn is a mixture of courtyards, grand churches and gabled houses enclosed in city walls and punctuated by guard towers still mostly intact. For those who want to experience dramatic history coupled with the advantages of the modern world (Wi-Fi internet access for example), Tallinn's Old Town is worth exploring. 

Explore Old Town Tallinn
There are plenty of places to see once you are within the walls of the Tallinn Old Town, from finding out about the country's past in the Estonian History Museum to the art gallery in the Helleman Tower. Visitors can take a stroll through the Danish King's garden, the legendary birthplace of the Danish flag and camping site of the invading army of Denmark.  

Tallinn's Old Town has several interesting religious landmarks as well, including the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin (known as the Dome Church), the Holy Spirit Church and the Dominican Monastery Claustrum. The monastery also hosts a museum and tours can be pre-arranged to explore the grounds.

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