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Museo Sorolla

The Museo Sorolla is one of Madrid's best kept secrets for art lovers to discover. The Sorolla Museum celebrates the life and work of Joaquin Sorolla, one of Spain's most innovative portrait and landscape artists.

Visitors to the Spanish capital wishing to enjoy the work housed at Sorolla Museum should stay at a convenient hotel in Madrid. Guests of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Madrid Prado will be able to relax in the excellent Cask Restaurant and Lounge Bar which stocks some of the region's finest wines and a rich selection of whiskies.

The treasures of Museo Sorolla
The Sorolla Museum is located in Joaquin Sorolla’s former houses and many of the works were donated by his family in 1925.

An official Spanish heritage site, the Museo Sorolla is now dedicated to allowing both locals and tourists to enjoy his pioneering and perceptive use of light and poignant social commentary. 'The Horse's Bath' is one of the museum's most popular works in the museum and gives an insight into his trademark blending of whites and blues.

'The Gardens at the Sorolla Family House' is another of the Museo Sorolla's main attractions, demonstrating the artist's almost unparalleled vision and expressive freedom within late 19th century Spanish art. Many of Sorolla's iconic beach scenes are also displayed in the museum, with the collection continuing to inspire artists to this day.

Finding a hotel in Madrid
The Radisson Blu Hotel, Madrid Prado allows guests to easily explore Sorolla's work as well as other important cultural sites such as the important Museo del Prado. Styled by top Spanish designers Sandra Tarruella and Isabel Lopez, the hotel is the epitome of tasteful travel.

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