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Swallow Nest

The Swallow Nest miniature castle - only 20 by ten square metres wide and 12 metres high - is situated on top of the 40-metre Avrora Cliff of Cape Ai-Todor. This famous symbol of Crimea has a rich history. Swallow's Nest was built between 1911 and 1912 by the Russian architect Leonid Sherwood and called "The Castle of Love." In 1927 the cliff was badly damaged during an earthquake, and Swallow Nest was closed for about 40 years because it was considered unsafe for visitors. While the castle itself was almost unaffected, huge cracks had appeared along the cliff. In 1968 restoration and renovation efforts began and the cliff was strengthened with a concrete plate, and in 1975 the Swallow Nest castle was reopened to the public. Today there is an exhibition centre within the building where displays are frequently held. The Radisson Resort & Spa Alushta is the ideal starting place for exploring one of the most interesting sights on the peninsula.

This accommodation's central location makes it a natural choice for leisure and business travelers. Located in the heart of Alushta, this cozy hotel provides easy access to many of the Crimea's other sights, such as Livadia Palace, Massandra Palace and Vorontsov Palace.

Visit Swallow Nest castle from the Radisson Resort & SPA, Alushta
The castle is one of the most well-known tourist spots on the Southern Coast as well as one of Crimea's most famous landmarks. After visiting Swallow's Nest, enjoy the comfort of the Radisson Resort & Spa Alushta. The hotel offers a wide range of services, including Free high-speed, wireless Internet, so you can always contact your family and friends and share impressions and pictures of your wonderful vacation in the Crimea.

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