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Sochi Aquarium

A perfect complement to the area's natural waterways, the Sochi Aquarium lets guests of the city get in touch with nature in an entirely different way. Find colourful fish, watch powerful sharks swim and much more at Sochi Aquarium, the largest in all of Russia.

When planning a visit to Sochi Aquarium, be sure to book accommodation at the Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre, Sochi. This hotel offers guests the best in amenities, including several fine dining restaurants and a full-service health spa, plus bright and modern rooms and suites.

Go under the sea at Sochi Aquarium
The Sochi Aquarium brings together many exotic sea creatures from all over the world to Russia's largest aquarium facility, which consists of 30 tanks comprising 5 million litres of water. The exhibits fall under the categories of freshwater and saltwater, with each displaying exotic animals from the world's many oceans, seas and rivers.

Some popular animals of the Sochi Aquarium include:
-  Sharks
-  Clown fish
-  Jellyfish
-  Sea horses and shrimp
-  Piranha
-  Fresh- and saltwater rays
-  Turtles

Aside from the aquariums, the centre also has many natural gardens to walk through, plus open air ponds that have beautiful koi fish swimming around.

See the aquarium with a stay at the Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre, Sochi
To make the most of a stay in Sochi, choose a hotel close to nearby destinations such as the Sochi Aquarium and the Dolphinarium. The Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre, Sochi, offers guests easy access to the city's attractions setting it apart as a hotel in Adler, Sochi.

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