Hotel provides deals for Fleesensee holiday
Take advantage of the various hotel deals for Fleesensee holidays and work trips. With the on-site Golden SPA and the surrounding region’s treasure trove of scenic vistas and exciting activities, this castle resort is the perfect getaway.

On Rails into the Green

Pass through green forests, blue lakes and colourful fields between Lake Müritz and Fleesensee as you ride into your holidays.

Prices from

EUR149 per person

Springtime at Lake Müritz

Embark on an adventure at the enchanting Radisson Blu Resort Schloss Fleesensee.

Prices from

EUR139 per person

Be 54: Four-Day Golf Package

This special golf deal is bookable by anyone aged 54 or above.

Prices from

EUR354 per person, per package

DGV Basic Proficiency Intensive Course - 6 Days

From absolute beginners to players with a minimum handicap, golfers will love refining their skills at this exciting training course.

Prices from

EUR759 per person

Golf in Spring & Indian Summer - 3 Days

Experience the unique beauty of the country and the fairways with this fantastic deal.

Prices from

EUR209 per person

Easter at the Castle

Savour an Easter buffet, followed by an egg search on Easter Sunday.

Prices from

EUR329 per person

Open Air Concert - Golf & Classics

Enjoy the unique "Golf & Classics" concert at the Radisson Blu Resort Schloss Fleesensee.

Prices from

EUR219 per person

Castle Holiday - 8 Days

Spend a memorable eight day holiday with Radisson Blu Resort Schloss Fleesensee.

Prices from

EUR559 per person

Golf and Vacation - 8 Days

Enjoy Mecklenburg-Vorpommern even beyond the greens!

Prices from

EUR469 per person

Golf Unlimited - 4 Days

Enjoy a few rounds of golf at this resort in Scholss Flessensee.

Prices from

EUR359 per person

Castle Romance Deluxe - 3 Days

Take a break from everyday life and enjoy a romantic getaway at the Radisson Blu Resort Schloss Fleesensee.

Prices from

EUR239 per person

Your special day – 3 Days

Celebrate a special occasion at the spectacular Radisson Blu Resort Schloss Fleesensee.

Prices from

EUR189 per person

SPA Selection - 3 Days

Spend a memorable day relaxing at the
Fleesensee Spa and enjoy wellness treatments.

Prices from

EUR199 per person

Mummy, Daddy & Baby - 3 Days

Take the entire family on a relaxing vacation to Fleesensee.

Prices from

EUR229 per person

Suite Dreams - 3 Days

Relax and enjoy in a private atmosphere.

Prices from

EUR249 per person

Golf Unlimited - 6 Days

Soak up the sun and relax with a few rounds at this upscale resort in Scholss Flessensee.

Prices from

EUR509 per person

Mom and Dad To-Be - 3 Days

Experience special moments together before the wonderful days begin with the baby!

Prices from

EUR229 per person
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