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Responsible Business

Sharjah oceanfront resort strives to be a responsible business
Taking responsibility for the environment and local community has been an important part of the broader commitment of the Rezidor Hotel Group to sustainable development for many years. In 2001, this commitment was fortified and placed within the scope of a programme called Responsible Business (RB). Each hotel has a unique RB Action Plan covering areas such as community outreach, cultural heritage, employee and children's rights, health and safety, and environmental improvements.

The hotels are engaged with both local charity groups and the corporate international charity organisation supported by the Rezidor Hotel Group, the World Childhood Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to defend the rights of the child and to promote better living conditions for vulnerable and exploited children at risk all over the world.

This hotel's RB activities and achievements include:


  • Aluminium cans, bottles and paper are collected for recycling.
  • Egg shells, vegetable and fruit peelings and food scraps are converted into fertilizer for the resort’s immense gardens.
  • Empty plastic containers from various foods and chemicals are converted into pots to propagate plants for the gardens.
  • Energy-efficient light bulbs are used.
  • The kitchen maintains an orchard that provides tomatoes, mangos, papayas, oranges, lemons, curry leaf, sugar cane and winter herbs, such as rosemary, basil and chives.
  • The hotel staff and management plant trees to support the effort to "Go Green!"
  • The resort uses grey-water recycling tanks to irrigate its gardens backwash water from the swimming pools, which is collected and used for washing the resort's vehicles.

Social and community outreach:

  • Clothing donations are collected for victims of catastrophes.
  • The resort has been an Active Corporate Member of the Emirates Environmental Group since 1998.
  • The resort participates annually in the can collection drive and Clean Up UAE campaign of the Emirate Environmental Group (EEG).
  • The resort supports Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services through activities such as the sale of orphan-made products, the Red Crescent charity box for hospitals and the Noble Quran & Sunnah Est. charity box for poor families.

Health, safety and security:

  • A medical check-up program is provided for hotel staff.
  • Resort staff receives training in first aid, firefighting, Responsible Business practices, safety and security.
  • The resort's public areas are monitored by closed-circuit TV cameras.
  • The resort works with food suppliers that are HACCP Certified.


  • Annual Certificate of Appreciation from EEG since 2000 for taking part in the can collection drive
  • Annual Certificate of Appreciation from EEG since 2002 for taking part in Clean Up UAE
  • Certificate of Appreciation from EEG in 2008 for glass collection
  • Best Garden in Sharjah from Municipality of Sharjah in February 2014

How can guests help?

  • Guests can support local orphans by purchasing their finished products, which are on display at the resort's Chillout Café.
  • Guests can reuse towels by hanging them back on the rack; this helps conserve water and limits the use of chemical detergents.
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