Golden Circle Iceland

Iceland's Golden Circle allows visitors to discover the natural splendour of the island nation with a set path between several major attractions. Take to the road to discover Iceland's best sights on the Golden Circle.

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Driving to Iceland's best sights on the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle in Iceland connects three main rural attractions - Geysir, Thingvellir and Gullfoss - with plenty of stunning panoramas and other stop-offs along the way.

Geysir can refer to any number of geysers in Iceland, but it originates from a fountain in the Southwest that spurts water over 200 feet in the air about twice each year. The area abounds with geysers, including nearby Strokkur, which erupts with streams of up to 100 feet every few minutes.

Thingvellir, found northwest of Reykjavik in Iceland's interior, is another stop on the Golden Circle. Originally a retreat for Iceland's parliament, the Althing, Thingvellir still serves as an important symbol for the people of Iceland, and is nestled in a peaceful portion of countryside.

Gullfoss presents Golden Circle travellers with another of Iceland's wondrous natural sights - a 105-foot double waterfall. The mist around Gullfoss creates a magical atmosphere, creating rainbows in sunlight, and the waterfalls even dazzle in wintertime, when much of the water freezes.

Retreat to Reykjavik at end of the day

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