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Dusseldorf Funfair

Every July, Dusseldorf celebrates the feast day of Saint Apollinarus - a disciple of St. Peter and the city's patron saint - by hosting a spectacular funfair featuring traditional carousels, modern thrill rides and parades by marching bands and marksmen followed by a coronation ceremony and grand ball.

How to get to the Dusseldorf Funfair
Although a shrine to Saint Apollinarus and some of his holy relics are interred at the church of St. Lambertus in Dusseldorf's Old Town, the grand funfair celebrating his canonisation is celebrated at the Rhine Meadows in Oberkassel - one of the many picturesque locations for the Dusseldorf Christmas Market too.

Oberkassel is just a ten minute drive or 40 minute walk from the Radisson Blu Hotel Scandinavia, Dusseldorf

What to see at the Dusseldorf Funfair
In centuries gone by, the funfair would have been a place to feast and make merry - and where young men could rid themselves of their tax burdens and earn the right to marry a fair maiden by proving themselves as expert marksmen.

Even today, the tradition still holds as the young men of Dusseldorf will compete at the funfair to be crowned the "Schutzenkonig" - the king of marksmen, with the winner being the man who best hits a dummy bird raised on a target. Little ones older than six also compete as 'pages' for the titles of the 'young king of marksmen' and the 'king of pages'. At the end of the festival the winners will be crowned and a grand ball or party held in their honour. This exhilarating display of tradition and skill shouldn't be missed.

Also not to be missed is the funfair's historic procession where more than 3,000 uniformed soldiers, marching bands and horse-drawn carriages will make their way through the city to the funfair. On the last Friday of the funfair, a huge fireworks display is enjoyed by all.

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