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Dusseldorf Old Town

Dusseldorf Old Town was almost completely destroyed after suffering extensive bombing during WW II. Thankfully, it was lovingly restored by locals and is now one of the most famous (and charming) of Europe's old towns.

Also known as the Dusseldorf Altstadt, the old town has also earned the name 'the longest bar in the world' as it boasts over 260 ale houses, bars, bier halles and clubs - making it a firm favourite with tourists and locals looking for a night to remember. With charming cobbled streets, antique gas lamps and an imposing castle tower, Dusseldorf's Altstadt is the epitome of old world charm - all just steps away from the Rhine Promenade.

How to get to Dusseldorf's Old Town
Dusseldorf's Old Town is just minutes away from the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Dusseldorf. Walking from the hotel to the heart of the city's Altstadt by the Rhine Promenade should take no more than 25 minutes at a leisurely pace - and there are taxi and tram services available from a Rheinbahn stop just outside the hotel.

What to see and do in Dusseldorf's Old Town


  • The Burgplatz - a castle square at the edge of the city's old town where the castle of the Earl of Berg once stood before it was burned to ruins in a great fire. Only the castle's tower still stands - but at the top visitors will be rewarded with views across the Rhine.
  • The City Monument - an artwork in the Burgplatz that retells the city's history through sculpture.
  • Dusseldorf's famous traditional gas lamps - it is the city with the most gas lamps in Germany.

  • Try traditional dishes like 'Dusseldorfer Senfrostbraten' (mustard roast pork) and 'Rheinischer Sauerbraten’ (marinated beef and raisins).
  • Drink at least one pint of 'Altbier' - a dark beer brewed in Dusseldorf Old Town. Or sip on 'Killepitsch' - a berry flavoured liquor made using a mix of 90 different berries, spices and herbs.
  • See the old town at night - the area is famous for being 'the longest bar' in the world with more than 260 pubs, ale houses, bier-halles and bars.
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