Radisson Blu Resort, Malta St. Julian’s



St. Julian’s hotel features diving school
This hotel houses Starfish Diving School, which features swimming pools for training and direct seafront access for diving from boats. Starfish Diving School is ideal for beginners, as well as experienced divers, offering instruction in wreck diving, night diving, boat diving and technical diving.

The Starfish Diving School opened in 2002 and offers a fresh approach to holiday diving in Malta. Diving instruction is available throughout the week any time of the year, along with weekly scheduled trips to the neighbouring islands of Gozo and Comino.

The Diving School carries state-of-the-art equipment, which undergoes regular maintenance, including cylinders that can be charged to 300 bar. The school also boasts a new Silent Bauer compressor and offers Nitrox and Trimix to qualified divers. Balance regulators (compatible with 300 bar cylinders) are available for rent, along with full 5 mm wet suits and Aqualung BCDs, among others.

The Starfish Diving School boasts highly experienced diving instructors qualified to teach the full range of diving courses, from beginners to instructors-in-training. For those interested in diving, Starfish also provides twin sets and technical wings with 6-litre stage bottles. The school is a fully recognised Technical Diving International (TDI) centre.

Tel: +356 21382995 / +356 99463544
E-mail: info@starfishdiving.com