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CEC Palace

The gorgeous yet eclectic architecture of the CEC Palace makes it one of Bucharest's most popular buildings. Housing both a museum and bank headquarters, the Palace is open to the public and offers an excellent glimpse of the architectural style of the early 20th century.

With a fantastic, majestic exterior and a series of fabulous exhibitions and paintings hung throughout the interior, the CEC Palace is a gem both inside and out.

Building the CEC Palace
Construction of the CEC Palace began in 1897, when Romania's oldest bank – now known as CEC – decided to build new headquarters for their business. The palace has an unusual and extremely grand design, complete with a metal and glass dome, column surrounding the entrance and gables and coats of arms and dome topping each of its four corners.

Work on the CEC Palace was completed in 1900 and for 106 years it functioned as purely a business building. However, in 2006 CEC sold the palace to the municipality of Bucharest. Now, the building is used as a museum, but the bank still rents a portion and continues to use the CEC Palace as its official headquarters.

Visiting the CEC Palace
Located on Calea Victoriei – arguably Bucharest's most charming street – and opposite the National Museum of Romanian History, the CEC Palace is a wonderful stop on a tour of the city. Also nearby are the also stunning Cantacuzino Palace and the historical Revolution Square while the magnificent Parliament Palace is only a short trip away.

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