Merseyside Maritime Museum

The Merseyside Maritime Museum is appropriately located in Warehouse Block D at the Albert Dock right on the River Mersey close to the Liverpool Cruise Terminal. This museum aims to bring to life the city's seafaring heritage, which has seen Liverpool feature as an integral part of many of the world's greatest historical events including mass emigration, the transatlantic slave trade, the merchant navy and of course RMS Titanic.

The history of Merseyside Maritime Museum
The collection that was to grow to such epic proportions that it needed to be housed in the Merseyside Maritime Museum started life in 1862 with the simple gift of a model ship. Despite being the second city of the Empire, a position built on its maritime capabilities, the collection was still very small by 1924 when Robert Gladstone made it his mission to create a special shipping gallery. He continued his support even in death by leaving a bequest for the construction a maritime museum.

Up until the 1970s much of this fledging, yet rapidly expanding, collection was held in numerous smaller museums until Merseyside County Council finally began work on creating a museum on the waterfront. The Merseyside Maritime Museum finally opened to the public in its current home in 1986. The new museum marked the beginning of a period of renovation for the docklands area which is now a major tourist attraction.

Accommodation near the Merseyside Maritime Museum
There are lots of well-placed waterside hotels in Liverpool for maritime minded people. Visitors to the city planning to spend some time exploring the bustling docklands area with its many shops, bars and restaurants and the Merseyside maritime Museum can conveniently base themselves at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Liverpool a short 5 minute drive away.