Nearby Attractions

Padova city centre hotel's location near famed Italian destinations

Just inside the Padova city center, the hotel's relaxing oasis is a perfect spot for vacationers searching for an accommodation off the beaten path. Radisson Blu Resort, Terme di Galzignano allows for a complete retreat with fascinating day trips to Venice and Treviso, and features a location in the Euganean Hills, a natural park in the middle of the Veneto Region.

Nearby cities:

  • Padova - Experience the lively piazze and animated markets in the city known for the setting of The Taming of the Shrew. Be sure to visit the Basilica del Santo and the Scrovegni chapel, Giotto's masterpiece.
  • Vicenza - This modern city offers unparalleled cultural treasures such as art galleries, museums, churches, markets and the famed Renaissance palazzi and Palladian villas.
  • Venice - This timeless city, the capital of Veneto, intrigues guests with its beauty, culture and notable history. Take a day trip and experience the Grand Canal, St. Marco's Basilica and Piazza St. Marco.
  • Verona - With its fairs, shows and operas, Verona is the premier entertainment destination in northern Italy and provides an exciting day trip opportunity for guests at this Padova resort. The city is also known for its Roman architecture, including the famous amphitheater Arena di Verona.
Nearby attractions:
  • Arquà Petrarca - 7 km
  • Monselice, medieval town - 10 km
  • Este, medieval village - 17 km
  • Padova Historical Centre and Pilgrim Site (St. Anthony Church) - 20 km
  • Treviso, historical and art town - 60 km
  • Ferrara Unesco - 66 km
  • Asolo, historical town - 72 km
  • Benetton apparel headquarters near Treviso - 72 km