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Northern Lights Iceland

Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights. Its geographic location and dark winter nights attract people from all over the globe in the hope to capture a glimpse of the aurora borealis. The northern lights are caused by a collision of electrically charged particles from the sun as they enter the earth’s atmosphere. The aurora can be seen in many forms and colors, including green, pink, purple and red.

When to see Northern Lights
Northern lights are best seen at night in the winter, between the months of September and April. Often the strongest lights appear between 9 pm and 2 am, so anyone searching for the lights should be prepared for a late night — but it is worth the wait. Nothing can be compared to the magic atmosphere as the colorful lights dance their way across the sky. Ideal conditions for a clear sighting of the northern lights include a clear sky, a crisply cold night and a dark place away from any artificial lights such as street lighting.

Northern Light Tours Iceland
To increase your chances of seeing the northern lights, take part in one of the many tours that are offered. From Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel, Reykjavik you will find yourself within easy reach of some of the most professional northern lights tours in Iceland. Many of these companies will collect and drop off visitors in central Reykjavik. Experienced guides are familiar with the aurora forecast and know when the best time and conditions are to see them. These tours are often combined with some of Iceland’s most popular attractions, such as the exclusive Blue Lagoon.

If you are lucky enough to see the aurora, return happy to the Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel, Reykjavik, relax and contemplate your magical, memorable experience.