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    Blu and water are such natural partners…

    Water covers 71% of our incredible planet but only 1% of this massive amount is actually drinkable. And experts predict that, by 2025, more than half the world’s population will be facing water-based vulnerability. Meanwhile tourism and hotels create an increase in water consumption, significantly impacting local water availability for the communities in which we operate. So, in line with Radisson Blu’s passion for responsible business, we’ve launched our dynamic BLU PLANET initiative - with a specific focus on conserving and protecting the earth’s priceless water supply.

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    Radisson Blu hotels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa are generally mindful about water use: we’ve reduced our water consumption by an average of 27% since 2007*. And more than 220 of our hotels have eco-labels, committing them to work on saving water and using fewer chemical products.

    *Radisson Blu EMEA hotels
    **World Health Organization -