Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, Stockholm

Arlanda Airport

Finding your way around Arlanda Airport

Arlanda is one of Scandinavia’s busiest airports and the main tourist route into the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Dealing with both national and international passengers, its four terminals are equipped with information facilities to assist visitors arriving. Here you will find guides on how to spend waiting time and which amenities you can find here, from key cutting to shoe repair services

Simple navigation

Passengers can fly to 172 destinations around the world, and all comings and goings can be monitored with its centrally located arrival and departure boards allowing for simple navigation. Arlanda also operates an SMS information service to help busy commuters keep track of flight and airport information on the go. For your convenience, all departures and arrivals are also updated every five minutes on the Arlanda Airport website.

How to spend your time

Whilst waiting for their flight passengers can enjoy the extensive range of Arlanda shopping facilities. The popular SkyCity section of the airport is home to every practical service like banks, hairdressers, luggage shops and chemists, as well as restaurants and retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Airport Fashion and Sapatos. You can find SkyCity between terminals 4 and 5. The latter has fashion outlets by Hugo Boss and Lacoste. Travelers indulging in some last minute shopping can find duty free facilities in Terminals 2, 4 and 5. If you are wondering why Arlanda has four terminals, but also a Terminal 5, it’s simply because Terminal 1 hasn’t been built yet.

Holidaymakers staying at Arlanda can easily travel from the airport and into the city center by taking the Arlanda Express. For a convenient stay, book your accommodation at the Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, Stockholm. The hotel offers their Super Breakfast Buffet every day from 04.30 for early morning flyers, and also has an IT concierge to assist business travelers experiencing technical problems.