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Skokloster Castle

To see one of the most impressive reminders of Sweden’s glorious history, take the time to visit Skokloster Castle when in Stockholm. This great Baroque building is in a fantastic location which provides striking sights from both outside and within the castle.

Ideally located for international travellers, the Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, Stockholm is a great base for a trip to Skokloster Castle which lies in the countryside to the north of the city. The stylish Arlanda Airport hotel enjoys great links with both Stockholm and Sweden’s attractive rural areas.

A Monument to Sweden’s Age of Greatness
The middle of the seventeenth century was hugely important in Sweden’s history. It is during this period that the Scandinavian country rose to become one of the most important powers in Europe. It is also this period that saw the construction of Skokloster Castle – a building which represents this time of extravagant success perfectly.

Sitting amid lush green foliage on the shore of Lake Mälaren, the sumptuously styled castle provides an arresting sight. It is Sweden’s largest private palace, a residence which celebrates the finest in classic European styles throughout its wonderful halls and rooms.

Discover Sweden’s Past
Whether strolling through the castle grounds, or following an organised tour through the building, a trip to Skokloster is an eye-opening experience. Much of the castle has remained virtually untouched for 300 years, and it grand rooms are full of period furniture and objects of significant interest.

Visitors with an eye for quality will find that the Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, Stockholm is the perfect base for a trip to Skokloster Castle. While the ancient castle provides a glimpse of a luxurious past, the stylish Stockholm Airport Hotel delivers the finest in modern amenities and service.