Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, Stockholm

Stockholm Travel Tips

Stockholm can be a fascinating city to visit with its language, currency and the beautiful archipelago. But a few travel tips will serve travellers well in Stockholm.

Start by stocking up on Swedish Krona to use while travelling in Stockholm, whether purchased before a holiday or at the airport. While coming through Stockholm Airport, it can also be a good idea to visit the Visitor Centre in Terminal 5, where guests can find top travel tips for attractions in Stockholm.

Transportation tips for Stockholm
Getting from Arlanda Airport to central Stockholm is made easy using the Arlanda Express shuttle train. From the central station in Stockholm, many local attractions can be reached on foot. On longer stays, purchasing a metro travel card can help any travel by rail be efficient and affordable.

Instead of staying in the city centre, many guests choose to stay at a Stockholm Airport hotel, and use the 20-minute Arlanda Express to visit the centre. Then you have a quiet place to unwind, close to the airport with its many national and international connections.

In the centre of Stockholm, itself composed of many individual islands, travellers will find major sights such as the Gamla Stan (Old Town) and the Vasa Museum. The centre also has another Tourist Centre, where visitors can enquire for more Stockholm travel tips.

Book your Stockholm hotel
An Arlanda Airport hotel makes a great option for those looking to explore the Stockholm city centre or the area north of the city. By staying at the Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, guests visiting Stockholm can travel to the city while enjoying quiet accommodation.

With an in-house restaurant and health and fitness facilities, the Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel can help guests unwind after sightseeing in Stockholm