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Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp

Devour Belgian Chocolate

Dating back to the 17th century, Belgium has had a strong interest in the delicious, creamy sweet that we love to treat ourselves with, chocolate. Once being only for the rich and famous, these cocoa treats have become the absolute go-to when needing a sugar fix. Visitors to the land of first class chocolate can expect to enjoy the dessert fit for kings, perfection is important here. With over 2,000 stores dedicating themselves to the confectionary, there is plenty of choice so here are the top ones in Antwerp.

Head to Chocolate Line

If you want to experience chocolate in a mix of both new ideas and age-old recipes head to Napoleon’s old place, now decked to the walls in sugary sweetness and known as Chocolate Line. Creative and unique flavors will tickle your taste buds leaving you in love. The selection here will have you filling your pockets with new and unimaginable tastes. A ganache with vodka, passion fruit and lime, or a lemongrass milk chocolate square could find its place on your favorite foods list; there is a taste for everyone.

Where to go when hunting sweets

Continue your sweet journey by visiting some of the other incredible chocolate shops in the city. Neuhaus has been making luxury sweets since 1857 and serving them to royalty as well as those passing by their doors on the street. Grab a gift box as the perfect present for those you left at home, or purchase an extra few to enjoy later.

If you are lucky enough to stumble across the magical window display at Burie Chocolate, make sure you head inside to be delighted. A family business and name known across the country, Burie is not just a simple chocolate shop. Lieven Burie, who took the store over from his father, makes unbelievable sculptures out of the treat, including a life-sized car for Opel and models of the White House and Kremlin.

If on a chocolate hunt, the Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp is a short ten-minute walk from the store Chocolate Line and in close proximity to the other sweet spots visitors should not miss.