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Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp

Concerts at Sportpaleis Antwerp

Come and enjoy the music at one of the world’s most visited concert arenas, the Sportpaleis. This immense hall was originally built for sporting events and still holds one or two over the year. However, the music scene took over and now visitors can get up close to their favorite celebrities as they rock the stage. Anything and everything worth seeing will find its way this arena including top superstars, orchestras and even some of history’s most famous such as Neil Diamond and U2.

The Sportpaleis Group expanded and now has two other concert halls for visitors to choose from called Lotto Arena and Stadsschouwburg. Lotto Arena is situated right next door and is the more intimate and updated brother to the huge stadium giant. Almost one and a half million people attend the 200 events held annually at these two halls due to their incredible popularity. The last sibling Stadsschouwburg, is the hall with a little less pop music and a little more diversity. The many event rooms here host plays, dances, choirs, musicals and more. If looking for a culturally rich night out or to dance to that must-see artist, then grab a ticket to one of these concert halls.

Your choice of concert halls

The arenas from Sportpaleis Group are not the only spaces for music in the city. If looking for something else, try out the concert hall TRIX or head to the Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and see some moving works of art. TRIX sends a huge variety of acts to the stage so if you are one to enjoy music that is a little less mainstream then this is the place to go.

Antwerp offers visitors endless choices for a night filled with music and dancing but when it comes to the best place to spend the night, the Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp is the easy choice.