Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp

Vlaamse Opera

No visit to Antwerp would be complete without enjoying a performance at the Vlaamse Opera (Flanders Opera), where visitors can see the highly acclaimed Royal Flemish Opera. With a neo-baroque1907 exterior and opulent marble found inside, it is a fitting setting for the performances that take place. Visitors will be particularly impressed by the scale of the Vlaamse opera’s auditorium and the stunning three meter chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

Antwerp is such a compact city with an excellent tramway, so visitors can easily get from sights like the Vlaamse Opera or MUHKA to the city’s best shopping areas, restaurants, arts centres and the Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp.

The Antwerp Opera
The Vlaamse Opera caters for both seasoned opera-goers and people visiting for the opera for the first time. It helps visitors appreciate the performances by holding talks beforehand with a brief overview of the plot. The Vlaamse Opera has always had an eclectic programme of world class operas which attract opera lovers to Antwerp from all over the world every year.

Rooms at the Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp
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