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The Kjeragbolten, or Kjerag Boulder, is a unique attraction located near the city of Stavanger in Norway. Essentially a boulder wedged between two cliffs, a drop of 241 metres greets visitors on two of its sides.

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Kjeragbolten - not for the faint of heart
The Kjeragbolten measures five cubic metres and connects two rock walls - however, the rock overlooks a direct drop of 241 metres, which then gives way to a further 735 metre fall. Brave visitors of Kjeragbolten often jump onto the boulder for a unique photo opportunity with a backdrop looking down nearly a kilometre of rock face.

Further on from the boulder is Kjerag's northern wall. The wall has a 984-metre drop down to the water below, making it one of Norway's most popular spots for base jumping.

Visitors can reach the Kjeragbolten from Stavanger by taking the RV13 and the Lysebotn-Moen ferry, a journey taking about two and a half hours.

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