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To truly experience Norway, you must visit Lysefjord as it is undoubtedly breathtaking. The perfect day trip from Stavanger, Lysefjord spans 26 miles and the steep inclines make it one of the most memorable fjords in the country.

Carved by glaciers in the Ice Age, then flooded by the sea, Lysefjord's rocky walls drop 3,000ft to the water below and its waters are up to 1,300ft deep. Lysefjord means "light fjord" and is named after the light coloured granite rocks that run along the edges.

Norway's natural attractions
Stop off at Forsand and Lysebotn for a taste of village life, where locals leave their homes by boat as the slopes are too steep for roads. There is also a hydroelectric plant, which makes use of the powerful waters of Lysefjord.

Kjerag Mountain is a favourite hiking destination for keen walkers and cruises run up and down the length of Lysefjord, taking in the epic landscape. Hop off to see the rock of Preikestolen - an enormous cliff and popular tourist destination that stands at 1,982ft. Even the winding road to Lysefjord provides a stunning backdrop on the drive there.

It is said Lysefjord inspired the poetry of Victor Hugo, and once you've taken in the scenery you will understand why.

Visit Lysefjord
Daytrips run from central Stavanger Hotels and provide the perfect opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and take in some of Norway's stunning natural landscape.