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Stavanger Oil Museum

The Port of Stavanger on the west coast of Norway is famed for its oil industry, and you can explore the history of the oil industry at the Stavanger Oil Museum. Known in local lingo as Norsk Olje Museum, the Museum Stavanger building is a landmark in the city and exhibitions offer a glimpse into many aspects of the oil trade.

Designed by architects Lunde & Løvseth, Stavanger Oil Museum resembles a small oil platform and features elements of the open coastal landscape and Norwegian bedrock.

Visiting the oil museum
The museum opened its doors on 20 May 1999 and you can visit the family friendly museum to find out how oil and gas is discovered, produced and created from the North Sea. Exhibitions feature original objects, films, models and interactive elements to bring to life the social and economic influence of the oil industry on life in Stavanger.

In addition to the life-sized survival capsule and life boat, there are a number of exhibitions including the "North Sea Divers" exhibition, complete with English texts.

Accommodation in Stavanger
The quayside museum is open year round, and booking into our accommodation Stavanger and its many attractions are right on your doorstep.