Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel, Stavanger

Stavanger Concert Hall

For music lovers, Stavanger Concert Hall the place to visit during a stay in the Norwegian port city. Located only minutes from our Stavanger hotel, an evening out at the concert hall brings the best of culture and music to you under one roof.

From classical music to rock concerts, Stavanger Concert Hall caters to a wide range of musical tastes and offers a superior sound experience in the heart of Stavanger.

About Stavanger Concert Hall
Building of the concert hall completed in 2012 and the venue opened its doors during September that year. 10 per cent of the concert hall is funded by sponsors and other private contributors.

Stavanger Concert Hall comprises two auditoriums - the Fartein Valen concert hall and the Zetlitz multi-purpose hall - and spans an area of 13,800 metres squared.

The innovative concert hall comes complete with sound-proofing, sound locks and load bearing systems which offer protection from external noise as well as from air conditioning, lighting and noise from other technical equipment.

Fartein Valen
Designed specifically for acoustic music, the Fartein Valen hall is home to the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. Each of the 1,500 seats are designed to optimise sound in the hall, covered in purple mohair velvet and set a distance apart. The 175 tonne ceiling can be lowered 6 metres by 16 motors to enhance the volume and acoustics of a performance.

Catch everything from musicals and opera, to rock concerts and conferences in this multi-purpose hall. With a maximum capacity of 1,900, plus three balconies and two galleries, this space attracts many top musicians.

Accommodation in Stavanger
Of all hotels in Stavanger, the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel offers unrivalled comfort, class and proximity to the city's major attractions, and is a short walk from Stavanger Concert Hall.