Radisson Blu is proud of our leading reputation for iconic, stylish and sophisticated design. And of our passion for evolution, ensuring Radisson Blu consistently sets the pace in an ever changing world and market. As the visionaries who created the world’s first design hotel in 1960 – Arne Jacobsen’s legendary SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen, now the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel – we’re rekindling our unique design heritage with the launch of our brilliant new BluPrint design scheme.

BluPrint provides the design foundation for all our guest rooms, social spaces and Meetings & Events spaces. Guest rooms become hassle free havens in which to recharge and do whatever you want – or need – to do. Social spaces become memorable places where guests will want to linger - not just to pass through. With inspirational Meetings and Events spaces, designed to sharpen the mind and refresh the imagination. BluPrint also allows for flexible interpretations to suit the needs of local markets – while ensuring Radisson Blu consistently delivers an enhanced, distinctive and coherent brand experience that is vitally relevant and appealing.

Thanks to BluPrint, our guest rooms are not just designed to be beautiful: they’re also perfectly styled for everyday modern life. Places you want to spend time in: stylish retreats for relaxation and rejuvenation. Somewhere to work smarter and reconnect, to feel at home, to thrive. Every object is a feature, every room is a uniquely curated collection of eras, styles and iconic names. Offering somewhere familiar and inviting, wherever you go – a global tapestry of culture and color. BluPrint creates a world apart from it all - but one that is also instinctively your own.


Such Scintillating Social Spaces

Our stylish social spaces – from our lobbies and galleries to our bars and restaurants – also reflect the BluPrint design ethos. Our lobbies delight with a selection of carefully hand-picked iconic furniture and the use of sympathetic lighting - with the flexibility to include unique elements relevant to the location of each hotel and the local climate. Our bars and restaurants burst vividly to life through a variety of concepts, some with a distinct identity, others more adaptable to local tastes and needs. The common threads? Exquisite food, thoughtful service and a relaxed mood. Combining sophistication with an inviting atmosphere, our social spaces aren’t just transient – they’re an integral part of the Radisson Blu experience. Offering endless opportunities to reflect, relax, socialize, indulge… and find real inspiration.