Irish Castles

Dotted around the landscape like silent sentinels, Ireland's castles bear witness to centuries of turbulent history. Whether slumbering in ruins or restored to their former glory, few attractions capture the drama of times past as do these imposing works of medieval architecture.

No holiday in Ireland is complete without a visit to at least one of its many castles, and few people can resist the fairytale appeal of these mighty structures. Castles bring out the inner child in visitors of all ages, and it's easy to let your imagination run wild with tales of knights and dragons when faced with a towering keep and solid walls of stone.

Wherever you are in Ireland, you're never too far from an historic castle. The map below highlights some of the best castles in Ireland, all of which can be easily reached from Radisson Blu Hotels in a number of Irish destinations. Whether you enjoy history or legend, battles or ghostly tales, there's a castle in Ireland sure to enchant!