Blarney Castle

Located on the outskirts of Cork, Blarney Castle ranks amongst Ireland's most treasured landmarks. The castle walls are surrounded by over 60 acres of gardens and waterways waiting to be explored, whilst the castle itself is home to The Blarney Stone – said to give 'the gift of eloquence' to those who kiss it.

[Asset Included(Id:1295303559013;Type:Page)] can enjoy easy access to Blarney Castle and the surrounding nature spots – all located within a 20-minute drive of the hotel.

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About Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle was built in 1446 by the King of Munster, although the location was originally home to a wooden castle dating back to the 10th century.

The castle changed hands on numerous occasions through the centuries and at one stage, a mansion was build close by; however, it was destroyed by a fire in 1820.

Today some of the castle's rooms are open to the public and attract visitors throughout the year, many of whom are keen to kiss The Blarney Stone.

Also known as 'The Stone of Eloquence', The Blarney Stone sits at the top of the castle and according to legend gives those who kiss it the gift of eloquence. Railings are in place to enable people to lean backwards and perform the kiss, which is believed to be the only way to ensure the powers are transferred.

Elsewhere, the spectacular gardens are home to some of the area's top nature attractions, with the Bog Garden and Rock Close particular favorites with visitors. The latter consists of natural rock formations, some of which are laid out in ancient circles. There's even tales of fairies living at the bottom of the gardens, whilst visitors may also want to make a wish on the nearby Wishing Steps.

How to find Blarney Castle