Dunguaire Castle

Perched picturesquely on the shores of Galway Bay just a short stroll from the village of Kinvarra and almost [Asset Included(Id:1295303558913;Type:Page)], Dunguaire Castle is said to be amongst the most photographed castles in Ireland.

Nowadays you can visit the castle during the summer months and even attend a medieval banquet accompanied by traditional music and poetry.

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About Dunguaire Castle

Dunguaire Castle was built early in the 16th century by the local Hynes clan, who were a well-established family in the area. They occupied the strategic tower house for the next hundred years, at which point the castle was acquired by Oliver Martin of Galway.

The castle remained in the Martin (or Martyn) family's possession for several centuries, although as it was not their chief residence, it gradually fell into disrepair. This all changed in 1924, when it was purchased by Oliver St. John Gogarty, the well-connected surgeon and poet.

Gogarty was acquainted with many of Ireland's leading literary figures in the early 20th century, and after he began restoring Dunguaire Castle it become a key meeting point for those involved in the Celtic Revival artistic movement, including William Butler Yeats, Lady Gregory, George Bernard Shaw, J.M. Synge and Edward Martin.

The castle's restoration was continued from 1954 by its new owner, Christobel Lady Amptill, and subsequently the site became a popular tourist attraction. Today you can visit the restored tower from April through October and learn about the lives of its previous owners, as well as take part in an evening medieval banquet, complete with recitations of traditional Irish literature and music.

How to find Dunguaire Castle