Kanturk Castle

Kanturk Castle is located on the outskirts of the market town of Kanturk in County Cork, less than [Asset Included(Id:1295303559013;Type:Page)]. The name Kanturk means Boar's Head, and refers to a popular legend which suggests Ireland's last ever wild boar was slain in the town.

Kanturk is a charming town nestled between rolling hills and sits on the banks of two rivers, the Allow and Dallow. The town centre is within walking distance of Kanturk Castle, where visitors can explore the castle's interior and surrounding grounds.

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About Kanturk Castle

The construction of Kanturk Castle is believed to have begun around 1601, although the exact date remains unconfirmed. There has also been plenty of debate about who the castle was built for, with the most common theory suggesting it was to be handed over to the Lord of Dunhallow, Dermot MacDonagh McCarthy.

Legend has it, however, that the construction was halted for centuries after representatives of the Queen of England ordered the builders to stop. Other theories suggest McCarthy simply ran out of money, leaving the castle without a roof for several centuries.

The Lord of Dunhallow was said to have been so upset about the construction halt that he threw the glass and tiles from the roof into the river below. To this day, the river goes by the nickname 'Bluepool Stream' because of the reflection beaming off the tiles beneath the surface.

The building itself is a four-story high Tudor mansion, measuring 91 feet (28 meters) in length and with a width of 36 feet (11 meters), complete with four towers.

Through the years, the castle has had numerous owners, but today falls under the remit of the National Trust of Ireland and is recognized as a national monument.

How to find Kanturk Castle