Children hands cupping water

Radisson Blu supports Childhood

Join Radisson Blu in supporting World Childhood Foundation

Radisson Blu is proud to have the World Childhood Foundation as its international charity organisation since June 2007. 'Childhood' is a non-for profit organisation dedicated to serving the most vulnerable children in the world: street children, sexually abused and exploited children, children trafficked for sexual purposes and institutionalised children, with a particular focus on girls and young mothers.

Our mission is to provide our guests with a comfortable and restful stay away from home. Childhood aims to help children who are abused and exploited and to ensure that they are given a safe and secure childhood, or simply put, a home. These parallel aspirations mean that Radisson Blu's support to Childhood is natural to who we are as a company and a corporate citizen.

Our hotels raise money for Childhood through a variety of imaginative and innovative ways and so far we have raised over 300,000 Euro for children in need. We hope that you will join us.

To donate directly to World Childhood Foundation, please click here.