For Christmas, the festive spirit heats up and Denmark sparkles with its Christmas lights and “hygge.” It is a season with many old and unique traditions together with magical experiences. The streets come to life with markets, food and ice skating – whether you’re in Aalborg, Aarhus or Copenhagen. Danes spend the run up to and after Christmas enjoying festive lunches and dinners with friends, colleagues and family. Many of Denmark's Christmas traditions are centered around a table full of delicious food and chairs full of great company.

Should you want to make a run for it to another country, enjoy the wonders of Iceland during Christmas. This is the darkest time of the year in Iceland in terms of daylight hours − but it's lit up with countless Christmas lights and possibly brightened by a blanket of snow, although it's not a given… especially if you're spending Christmas in Reykjavík. Christmas in Iceland lasts for 26 days, from the 11th of December until the 6th of January, and has 13 Santa Clauses, or Yule Lads. Just as in Denmark, you’ll find Christmas markets, ice skating rinks, countless concerts and Christmas buffets where you can taste some delicious Icelandic Christmas food. The most “prestigious” sweet treat is the “Sarah.” This almond macaroon is biscuit based, chocolate cream-filled and dipped in chocolate, and is affectionately named after Sarah Bernhardt, the famous French actress. Although Danish, they have become synonymous with Christmas in Iceland. What matters most is that they are absolutely delicious.